CTF - Capture the flag

Together with Andrea Continella, Herson Esquivel Vargas and Philipp Jakubeit I run the Twente Hacking Squad (THS) CTF team of the University of Twente. During our meetings we solve various CTF challenges. Here we provide some resources and write-ups for students to learn about various hacking techniques and train for CTF challenges.


Here we provide articles that explain common topics in CTFs.


A great way of learning how to play CTFs is by reading how other people solved challenges. Therefore, we provide some writeups of CTFs that we played. Note that you will need to login to be able to view these writeups as some of the challenges are still live and giving away the answer would spoil the fun. If you are part of the THS, please contact me to receive login credentials.

CTF practice

During our THS meetings, we often practice (old) capture the flag challenges including the great challenges provided by these websites: