This is the home page of the ANTIC project.

Installation - Beta

1. Download the Android app by scanning the QR code or by clicking here.

2. Please allow unknown sources/unknown apps in order to install the app. This is required because the app is not yet available in the Google Play store. For more information, click here.)

3. Press install to install the app.

4. Start the experiment by pressing "Start Experiment" within the app.

Ice Cream

All participants to the experiment are welcome to pick up a free ice cream from Autust 12 until August 16 at the CuriousU event during the lunch breaks (while supplies last). You can find us near the Vrijhof building.


For more information about and the terms and conditions, please click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this research approved by the ethics committee?
Yes, our research is approved by the ethics committee of EEMCS of the University of Twente. Reference number: RP 2019-75

Why can't I install the app?
The Antic app is not yet available through the Google play store, therefore you have to manually download the app. Unfortunately sometimes Google Play prevents other apps from running, you can temporarily disable this 'feature' by navigating to the Google Play store app -> Settings -> Play Protect -> Settings -> Disable 'Scan device for security threats'. After installation you can enable this setting again.

Why does the app require a VPN connection?
The goal of this research is to map which apps connect to which network destinations to build up a profile of network destinations related to each app. However, Android is a very closed off system, which means that our app can only gain knowledge of these network locations by setting up a VPN connection. We stress that we do not collect any personal data, we only collect information about which app connects to which network destination.

Why does my app keep connecting?
This is a bug that we are aware of and only occurs in some Android versions/devices. The app is in fact working, but the user interface does not update properly. We are currently working on a fix.

Why does the app crash?
!!!We have fixed this issue in the latest version of our app. Please, let us know if it is still an issue for you.!!! In Android 8 or higher, the app sometimes crashes upon opening or upon starting the experiment. We are aware of this bug and are trying to fix it as soon as possible.

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